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Are you positioned to succeed with the right business insurance broker?  

 Top commercial performers with a current record of success, deserve a high profile package with a quality broker. 

...  Career environment for commercial insurance producers.... contact us for immediate consideration!

Why do California Business Insurance Brokers use us?  Because we make every effort to update our almost 50 year old business insurance jobs, database.  We go out of our way to keep our business insurance jobs candidate information current and stay in touch.  California commercial insurance jobs professionals know us and trust us... and that goes a very long way!   Many "passive" candidate's resumes are not for display on business insurance jobs sights.  Everyone is trying to recruit them.  They will not move easily, but they will for good reason. 

May God Bless America and Our Citizens in Uniform

          Serving California Business Insurance Jobs Professionals for almost 50 years! 

          From the CSR to the CEO, referrals are always free to the commercial insurance candidate.


Barry M. Gold CAC CSP, CEO & President  pic 5/1/17

Barry M. Gold CAC CSP, first and foremost is a recruiter "extraordinaire."   For almost fifty years, he and his staff have produced millions of dollars in referral and retainer fees, demonstrating the ability to put the right parties together. 

He listens, understands, and genuinely likes helping client's succeed; especially those who provide an environment where people are encouraged to achieve their career goals.

Barry Gold is a recipient of the Presidential Award for service to the California Staffing Professionals (formerly known as CAPC), and has served two terms as president of the Orange County, California chapter.  

Mr. Gold served his Nation and small business.  He was twice appointed "Chair" Region IX, of the Regulatory Fairness Board, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 

From Orange County, he served as an independent source of advice and policy recommendations regarding federal legislative fairness issues to congress. 

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